Pilgrim Online Service provides facilitation services for product buying operations in China. Established in 2016 by a group of international entrepreneurs in Shenzhen city. Pilgrimos also works as a consulting company and agency for conformity assessment services in China.

Company Background

Our Projects

person in black long sleeve shirt holding persons hand
person in black long sleeve shirt holding persons hand


Explore our latest projects in the fields of smartphones, men's and women's clothing, electronic machines and devices, as well as electronic connectors and electrical cables.


Discover our range of premium smartphones from top brands, offering cutting-edge features and exceptional performance.


Check out our collection of trendy and fashionable men's and women's clothing, designed to elevate your style.

Machines and Devices

Pilgrimos assist you in purchasing and shipping electronic machines and devices, connectors, and electrical cables,...

At PILGRIMOS, we delve into various domains and assist our clients in realizing diverse project objectives by providing procurement and shipping services.