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Simplifying product buying operations and consulting for conformity assessment companies in China

Better is a little with righteousness than great revenues with injustice. PROVERBS 16:8 ESV

About Us

We are a consortium of entrepreneurs located in Shenzhen City, offering facilitation services for product procurement operations not only in China but also across the entirety of Asia. Additionally, we extend our expertise to assist our Asian clientele in purchasing products globally.

three person pointing the silver laptop computer
three person pointing the silver laptop computer

Our Services

1. Order Planning
2. Conformity Assessment
  • Enhanced Order Planning

  • Strategic Order Organization

  • Optimized Order Management

  • Test Report Validation

  • Comprehensive Technical Review

  • Rigorous Products Check

3. Purchase of Goods
  • Efficient Goods Procurement

  • Streamlined Goods Acquisition

  • Effective Product Sourcing

4. Delivery of Goods
  • Efficient Goods Shipping

  • Reliable Goods Transport

  • Smooth Product Delivery

Everything, handled with care.

What can you order?

With PILGRIMOS, you can order products from all categories, and we can ship these products worldwide.

You can find below the top 3 categories of products most frequently ordered by our diverse clientele:

  • Mobile Phones and their Accessories

  • Machines and Devices

  • Clothing for men, women and children

  • Cars and Trucks

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